Vinland II (EP)

by Herrwulf



Herrwulf - all instruments


released February 27, 2017



all rights reserved



New album, Heathen Spring 7 tracks, 51 minute play time.

I am always trying to improve the quality of my work, however funds are tight. Any donations would be going towards new gear.

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Track Name: The Settlement II
and now we have found ourselves
in a new land
we have made our homes
from the trees that nature has given to me

the food from the wild
as the deer roam we hunt with bow and axe and sword
so many things for free
all praise to the gods
for showing us this new land
a journy so rough, with blisters on our hands

its time to prepare for winter
lets gather ourselves
its time to mate and bring new life
for the spring well harvest and make them fat
our children will carry on

all my sons
lets make this history
a new land we claim in the name of our kin
shall be called vinland
for everything is green
even winter cannot kill this fertility
weve food for eternity

this new land
Track Name: The Final Battle
French National Anthem "La Marseillaise"

Arise, children of the Fatherland,
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny's
Bloody banner is raised, (repeat)
Do you hear, in the countryside,
The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
They're coming right into your arms
To cut the throats of your sons, your women!

To arms, citizens,
Form your battalions,
Let's march, let's march!
Let an impure blood
Soak our fields!

What does this horde of slaves,
Of traitors and conspiratorial kings want?
For whom are these vile chains,
These long-prepared irons? (repeat)

*Marine Le Pen Speech*

Dear colleagues, France suffered
an absolutlely horrendous ordeal on Friday 13th November.
I think the first respect we have to pay to the victims
is to name what has assassinated them.
But neither from our French leadership nor in all the speeches
which I heard this morning have I heard the name of the assassin.
The assassin is not the "Terrorism";
terrorism is the weapon that
is in the hand of the assassin.
The murderer is the ideology in the name of which terrorism
does the killing. It is Islamist Fundamentalism,
and you must say it!
Becuase if you don't say it,
if you are unable to name the enemy,
then obviously you cannot fight it.
Perhaps some of you are embarassed to name it,
because naming it forces one to question certain international
friendships. It forces one to ask oneself the question
of whether one can continue to have Saudi Arabia as an ally,
or Qatar. It forces one to ask oneself about the ambiguity
of Turkey regarding Islamist Fundamentalism.
It obliges one to face up to it and say that, yes,
the majority of international agreements,
of international alliances we passsed, push us in reality,
to be today, objectively, the allies of Islamist Fundamentalism,
rather than its enemies. So I propose that we change our alliances,
and I suggest that all those who fight against Islamist Fundamentalism
must be considered as allies, without any reservations.