Heathen Spring

by Herrwulf

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Xtrmst This music evokes a romanticist's sense of spring – a season that awakes the spirit's irresistible thirst for that which seems ever lost beyond the horizon, perhaps because it has never been – and sometimes ancestral voices, rising from the mists …
Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson There are so many designations in music these days; for some of the finest melodic folk metal, see Sunwheel and Omen. The wheel turns constantly: Monarchy, Kingship, Tyranny, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, and finally Democracy; which devolves into mob rule and Anarchy. After this, the process repeats itself time and again. Read Polybius who understood this process in the 2nd cent. BC! Favorite track: Sunwheel.
Denis Blümke
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Denis Blümke Herrlich melancholischer Blackmetal, sehr hochwertig und man merkt die Steigerungen zu den Vorgängern. Super Album.


This album is about our Heathen Spring, a call to rally our people, end degeneracy and restore traditional values.

Best results use headphones with some decent bass EQ.


released May 10, 2017

Herrwulf - Everything
Artwork - Atti (Aka RavenSixK) - bandcamp.com/ravensixk



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New album, Heathen Spring 7 tracks, 51 minute play time.

I am always trying to improve the quality of my work, however funds are tight. Any donations would be going towards new gear.

Soundcraft EFX12 Mixer - 639.99$ is next on my gets.

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Track Name: Winter's End
Winter's End:

When the leaves
Have fallen
When the leaves
Have fallen, to the ground
They call

Oh winter!
So cold
Embrace the darkness, outside
The world, cant await jesus
The call, in the night
Of blood

Oh winter --
So cold
Embrace the darkness
Your fate awaits x2 --

*6:20 Interlude:

At night
In the dark
They hide
The demons of terror
They strike
Then hide
Like cowards, in the night
Fight us
Like men, in the day
With shields on display
Arm to arm
We are men.
So you die.
With a fight, we know pride
In the mind, you just lie
Track Name: Maiden Of The Sun
Maiden of the Sun:

Where does the setting sun lie at night?
He lies right by her side.
Lighting darkness so no demon can enter.
A girl who outshines even his blinding rays.

Heat that enters in a room that no man has ever seen.
The girl who gives him renewed hope.
Working long days and waiting for winter.
When early with her may expire.
Lying next to a heaven with no proper equal.
Eyes burning of fire.
Track Name: Sunwheel
All my sons.
Wont you take up arms?
Form your battalions.
Raise your arm to the sun.
Track Name: Sigrblot

Hail day!
Hail sons of day!
Hail Odin!
Hail Victory!
Hail night and her offspring!
With placid eyes
Behold us here!


Fall the weak!
Curse the men
Who fail to speak!
Fall to ((them!))
((they)) speak of lies!
And twist our ways!
Fall disguise!
Decieving me!

Your time is through!
It's the Heathen Spring!
We've found the truth!
Our shields are high!
Our elbows bent!
Axe in hand!
Your soul descends!
Your fate is sealed!
Our wounds have healed! x2

Goddess of the sunrise
Shining in the east
Spring now from your slumber
Ostara so we plead
Track Name: Omen